About TMA

Taos Music & Art, Inc., Taos, New Mexico USAThe worldwide Web is a boon to all the people of the world. When you post something on the Web, it can be seen by every man, woman, and child with Internet access and the ability to browse freely. This offers a 1 to 1 relationship to literally every single person in the world. Think about it.

That doesn’t mean that “everyone” will see what you post, that means that “anyone” can see what you have posted. If it’s interesting to someone they will look at it.

The amount of human created data gathered by the machine is truly staggering. At Taos Music & Art, Inc., we have found ways for individuals and organizations to navigate through this huge space — often called “cyberspace”.

TMA’s Web portals act as magnets and impellers for website traffic looking for certain types of information that we feel to be the truth, or the best-known truth at the time, or topics that entertain and inform.

The efforts of Taos Music & Art, Inc. are based in both Taos, USA and New Delhi, India. This gives TMA a unique perspective on the Web and New Media, as well as broad ranging global issues and ideas